Acala Rosé wine style sparkling kombucha tea

    Acala Rosé wine style sparkling kombucha tea

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      The key ingredient in Rose wine style is Fireweed, a historic herbal tea. Taste together with hibiscus flowers can be described as a mix of delicate flowers with elegance close to that of a Rose champagne.

      Fireweed herb well-regarded for its health benefits between both Ayurvedic and Pagan medicines. Perfect alone as an aperitif or as a refreshing soft drink, and goes not any less well with elegant-flavoured food.

      Starts with a floral, blooming garden aroma, finished with a taste of white peach and rhubarb. The structure is elegant, subtle yet firm.

      Food pairing

      Hard cheeses, White fish, Shellfish, Egg dishes, Salads.