Oslo Brewing Co. - En bryggeripresentasjon

Oslo Brewing Co. was established in 2015, in Oslo, Norway. We started as nine people with different abilities and backgrounds, all living in Oslo and with a common love for our city. Our company now has grown to 15. Together with our brewmaster and friends, we develop the beer we believe in, and a brand that captures the energy of Oslo. We use our product to promote Oslo, and to give people a fresh and easily enjoyably beer.

We started up our company because we all believe Oslo is a great city and want to do our part with getting the word out to the rest of the world about all the cool things we are doing here in Norway. We’re putting Oslo on the map. Through beer.

Norwegian Blonde in the local market is by far our best seller.  It was the first beer we made and my personal favorite as well, so I am happy that it resonates so well with our local clientele.

Internationally our Oslove – passion fruit blonde is our best seller. The story of Oslove and how the hashtag #oslove came into prominence soon after the terror attack on July 22nd tells a story of Norwegian solidarity and compassion that is truly unique to our city and something for us as residents to be very proud of. Oslove represents progressive values like tolerance, respect and mutual understanding. As much as the the Oslove beer celebrates the LGBT community, the name, the concept behind the beer and the rainbow flag also celebrates all these mentioned values at large. Therefore Oslove is not just for the LGBT community, but also those who support this community's values and the broader values this beer and the concept represents and celebrates. On top of that….it also happens to be a really delicious and refreshing beer!

Our brand is using craft beer as a medium to tell the story of Oslo. We are a contract brewery and believe that we will stick to that model for the foreseeable future. There is a lot of unused brewery capacity and we are happy to fill tanks and learn from our production partners. The majority of our beer is produced in Oslo, but if there is a style or technique that is better suited at another facility, then we go where the expertise is. Our flexible and asset light business model allows us to use more time to interact with our consumers and create easy drinking beer that the market craves, but still challenge customers with unique ingredients and flavors to show how versatile ales and lager can be.

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